Consilink offers the following services:

HIPAA Security Compliance assessments, policy/procedure generation, monitoring, and implementation services:

  • Conduct annual risk assessment to maintain HIPAA compliance
  • Develop a roadmap to mitigate risks
  • Generate policies and procedures to support compliance
  • Hands-on implementation assistance
  • Ongoing, real-time security monitoring
  • Manage, track, and review progress each quarter

Data Management, transformation, and analytics services:

  • Acquire and extract data from primary source files or feeds (e.g., EDI, custom files)
  • Validate data quality against client-defined business rules (e.g., formatting, referential integrity)
  • Clean data to prepare for use in client applications or analytics (e.g., normalize, dimensionalize)
  • Store and maintain data archives (includes options for long-term, off-site storage)
  • Distribute data to client in ready-to-use formats (e.g., structured files, data marts)


Security Assessment


Patient Centric


Data Security Simplified

Create a nimble culture to advance your HIPAA compliance and attack security and privacy risks.

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