HIPAA Compliance


Stolen credit card information is valued at $1-$3 each. Social Security numbers are worth $15. Whereas, complete health care records are a gold mine, resulting in $60 each [1]. Unlike credit cards that can be canceled, healthcare information lives forever. So, how can healthcare entities protect patient information? This is where HIPAA comes in.

Steps to Achieving HIPAA Compliance

Let us help you with the following processes to reach compliance:

  • Conduct a Security Risk Assessment
  • Document Policies and Procedures
  • Enforce Policies and Procedures

How Can Consilink Help

Consilink has experience in creating and executing the roadmap needed to become HIPAA compliant. Let us help you through your journey. Become HIPAA compliant with our proven iterative process. This process starts with creating a roadmap/plan. Consilink has developed a 5-step process to facilitate compliance. The steps are as follows:

Planning Planning to become compliant
Discovery Determine where you are in the compliance process
Define Compliance Target Define what the next steps are in the compliance journey
Perform Gap Analysis Determine where the gaps are between current state and target state of compliance
Create a roadmap/plan Create a roadmap that clearly lays out the steps toward reaching the targeted compliance state

(1)    http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/hacking-health-care-records-skyrockets-n517686


Security Assessment


Patient Centric


Data Security Simplified

Create a nimble culture to advance your HIPAA compliance and attack security and privacy risks.

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