Consilink provides data management services to support healthcare innovators.

We are passionate about delivering value for our clients. In these times of tight budgets and shortage of resources, our experienced team drives to deliver innovative solutions necessary to transform healthcare. Our hands on experience empower us to know what we are doing and we only do what we know. What we know is data and security.

Consilink manages over 23TB of data on behalf of clients in a secure, private cloud-computing environment and provide near real-time warehousing and analytics to clients and end users.

Clients turn to Consilink to build a roadmap to HIPAA compliance that simplifies and secures their complex data.  In addition clients receive a suite of services including:

Consilink’s mission is to help clients succeed in using data to transform healthcare.

Our Parent Company
As a family-funded private equity firm, GCI is committed to fostering sustainable, mutually rewarding partnerships with passionate people who lead innovative companies. We are dedicated to providing patient capital, vital central-office resources, and ongoing strategic business expertise. With this support system, we relieve our companies from near-term pressures and give them the tools to focus on long-term substantive outcomes that impact all stakeholders, including management, their employees, and the community.  Learn more:


Security Assessment


Patient Centric


Data Security Simplified

Create a nimble culture to advance your HIPAA compliance and attack security and privacy risks.

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